Tuesday, 18 January 2011

I went out on New Years with my manager Rick, supervisor Mel and 3 of my manager's friends. I drove myself and M to R's house at 7pm and we began drinking.
Rick's friends arrived:
Ian-28, his ex-bf who he's still great friends with, but nothing would ever happen between them again. Around 6ft, short blonde hair, big build.
Matt-25? average height, short dark hair, average looking.
Ivan-30(ish), Bi with an ex-wife and 2 children. Had that Eastern European look, over 6ft, nice body. But wearing white linen pants. I feel like he probably goes hiking.

We get a taxi to the city at 9pm and go to a few bars, JD meets us with 2 small bottles of vodka. We enter the club and the night passes by. I don't remember what happened at midnight. I do remember meeting JD's mates boyfriend. And I kept telling JD's mate that I fancied her boyfriend. He's so Mancunian and she's so indie; they're totally Woody and Lo (except they're Pope and Jess):

We left at 5am and jumped in the taxi. I was sat between Ian and Mel. We were shouting and laughing and then a few people started falling asleep. Ian lay his head on my shoulder, his eyes open. His hand touched the back of my neck in a friendly 'great night mate' kind of way. Then it slid down to my shoulder blades in a 'how drunk are you?' kind of way. Then it slid down the bottom of my back in a 'it's the end of the night, wanna fuck?' kind of way. And I ignored it in a 'you're my manager's ex kind of way',

We got home and went to our beds.

The next morning Rick comes downstairs where Mel and I are playing Wii and whispers 'Ian fancies you.'
So I tell him I think he's good looking but it feels weird because of their situation. Rick tells me it doesn't bother him at all, and says I should go on a date with Ian. I tell Rick that I'm too busy with work and exams at the moment.

Rick told me Ian asked if I had asked about him in work the other day. It's my last exam tomorrow so maybe i'll facebook Ian in the next few days.
Rick is leaving on Friday and I'm dreading it. I know I'm going to end up doing all the manager's jobs. We have a roaming manager coming into the store next week but I doubt they'll do much. I'm just waiting for Rick to get the job in a new store opening in 2 months so I can go join him.

I'm going to Leeds this Thursday and Saturday for night out.
Thursday with 7 of my ex-housemates and meeting 5 people from my old job. I have Friday off so it's going to get messy, combined with the fact that all of my housemates are total drunks I'm scared for our lives.
Saturday with other Uni friends which I planned 2 weeks ago because I was supposed to have Sunday off. Now Rick is leaving I have to work but I'm not letting it ruin my plans. I'll control myself (lulz) and get up at 9 on Sunday and drive back to Manchester.

So that's it, I wanna find my future husband and/or get laid. Leeds is usually a good place to do that.

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Anonymous said...

What an interesting group - providing you continue to remember who you can go with and who you'd better not!

Yeah, it sue would be fun if you were to find a special person in Leeds (or wherever). I'm sure it would be a good next step before you become too used to being single and bored by always being alone in whatever group. Oh it'll happen eventually!