Thursday, 6 January 2011

Another Year

I turned 22.
I met 6 of my closest friends in a pub the night before. And by closest I mainly mean in terms of distance because I had only just arranged this get together 2 hours prior.
But J was there. And JR. And they really are my closest, in the relationship way.
I was handed a bottle of Chase Vodka by L, my ex-housemate, and told 'I know you'll put it to good use.'
I was handed a classic gold Casio watch by JR, and told 'I know you don't wear watches, and I know you probably hate gold, but I'm making you wear this, it will look all indie and vintage and I know you want that.'
I was handed 'Prep' by Curtis Sittenfeld, and a copy of 'Where the Wild Things Are' by my friend Cass because she's my book buddy.
The other 3 gave me gifts of more alcohol, a CD, and a nautical brooch.

So we drank and I was given compliments like 'you look great tonight' and 'you're much less spiteful lately' but only because it was my birthday.
We confirmed plans for a night in Leeds later in the month with the rest of our housemates who are dotted around the country. And an hour was spent telling stories about me.
The last orders bell rang at 11pm and we gathered outside for a cigarette, and I hugged and kissed each person and then made my way through the snow back home. I'd managed to do something kind of celebratory for my birthday. So close to Christmas and New Years, it always ends up being added onto just a normal night out a week or so after: 'let's go out tonight and make it your birthday night out. We'll just go to The Ruby Lounge and everyone will be there and I'll shout 'It's Andy's birthday!' and then we'll celebrate it all night' is usually how it goes.

Before entering the pub I had met L on the way. I was walking slow in the winter weather and wearing a great outfit (pictured below).L told me I turned the corner and took a drag, flicked my cigarette across the street, and raised my head as I ran my hands through my quiff. She told me it looked premeditated and I need to get over myself. So I told her it was, (it wasn't), and that she should plan her entrances because she really doesn't make the most of them.

I wore this; with an added brown buttoned khaki mac and tie pin I can't seem to find.

All Saints khaki shirt and cut-off brown/grey/navy striped wool tie, also All Saints.

Topman Dark khaki skinny chinos and Fred Perry black leather belt with laurel wreath buckle.

Brown leather brogues from my work.

Birthday present from my grandmother.


Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever told you you're a stye queen?

Happy Birthday and a very Happy New Year!

Lust For Life said...

Style King *ahem*
And occasionally.
And thank you.