Monday, 2 August 2010

Last Night

Well, Saturday night.

I drive to J's at 11pm, he's waiting at the door with a drink.
'I've ordered a taxi, down in one.'
I follow his instructions and then we grab another for the taxi ride.
We're in Queer and i've had 2 more drinks so I text A, J's boyfriend.
'Where are you?'
'Queer, near the back at the seats, get here.'
We go over, A is with D, C and JD. They're all pretty drunk 

JD has just split up with his boyfriend P. They've lived together for god knows how long but it was a well known fact that their relationship was sexless for at least the past year.
JD singles me out and I get prepared to cock block because he has a tendency to molest me.
'Sexy -------! Nice beard. Ooh sexy (he strokes my chest) Are you team J?'
'I'm team Andy'
'Let's dance'
'Maybe later'

We head downstairs to the club room. I make my way to the toilet and some boy in a baseball cap pokes me hard in the chest and holds out his hand to shake mine.
I try to place his face, 'do I know you?'
'I don't think so, but hey i'm Carl.'
I shake his hand, 'hi Carl, I'm going.'

I grab a drink and go over to the group, A, C and D are on the crowded raised platform in the centre of the room and C is dancing with some shirtless twink.
J tells me that shirtless twink does porn, A showed J a picture of shirtless twink on some questionable website. He was naked and having a metal chain pulled out of his ass. I then see shirtless twink pull his jeans down to his knees. He'd definitely not good looking enough to get away with this shit.

Everyone goes out for a cigarette. I get in a conversation with C about how he can't enjoy a night out without coke anymore. Alcohol isn't enough for him. I tell him he's an addict.

We move somewhere else. P, JD's ex-bf is there. I like P better than JD. I say i'm going over to chat to him and JD pulls me back. Instead I go to the bar further down from where P is and just laugh when we see each other. JD eventually goes over to P and they're occupied in a corner for the rest of the night in conversation.

It's maybe 3am and C and D went missing an hour ago and now I can't find A and J. I dart past the chatting ex-lovers in the corner and make my way outside. I light a cigarette, smoke it, roll and light another. Then I text J. We walk to get a taxi and see some raging lesbian starting a fight with an old chunky gay man. Apparently he called her girlfriend a slag. God help him. She's charging through the streets and I see her call a straight guy, who's definitely stood with his girlfriend, a faggot.

We're home and A is way drunk. He starts an argument with J and ends up throwing his pizza on the floor. J pushes him and A ends up on the floor. J ushers A upstairs to bed while I finish a cigarette. I get to bed at 4am.

I go out to eat with my father, his fiancé, my sister and 3 year old half-brother.
My brother has decided it's fun to call people smack heads while slapping his forehead. I wish I could get away with that.

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