Friday, 27 August 2010

JR:Girl friend from highschool. 1 of 2 people from school I still see on a regular basis.
Texts with JR after agreeing to go and watch the Pride parade on Saturday 28th August:

JR: Can we do facepaint?
Me: We can do whatever we want. I know this is an exciting time for you, you've never really experienced much of my secret society.
JR: Haha woo! They've got facepaint sets in tesco but they're £8.
Me: You obviously know it must have rainbow colours.
JR: I've got some glitter as well (like 5 year olds glitter) so we can make it look a bit more diva-ish. My idea is that it will stick to the wet facepaint.
Me: People WILL think you're a drag queen. Maybe keep the glitter to a minimum.
JR: Ok, i've found some different paints for £2.25 but it's a bit small, shall we push the boat out and get the others?
Me: Yeah let's go wild. I'm only having a rainbow armband btw.


Anonymous said...

Oh my!

I remember doing it in Manchester and, right or wrong, we took the dog. It was a sort of Scottish collie but crossed with a greyhound, perhaps: she had long legs, a short coat and could run like - well -a greyhound.

Our quandary was whether to decorate the dog.

All the best dogs at Pride were decorated. We didn't want to give her (another) complex.

Andy said...

Micky-I like you. Being concerned about giving your dog a(nother) complex. I like you.