Saturday, 11 September 2010

Things I can't do right now because I have no money:

  • Get that tattoo of a The Smiths lyric around my calf, and maybe that chest tattoo I've designed.
  • Get an Eurail ticket so I can go travelling with 2 friends for a month.
  • Buy the many pieces of clothing I want/need from Ralph Lauren and Fred Perry.
  • Pay for prints of my New York trip and buy frames to make a wall display.
  • Get 3 books I want from amazon.
  • Get petrol to drive to Leeds for a night out with ex-work colleagues.
  • Pay my phone bill. (I'm managing to make them keep me connected by saying I'm waiting for a student loan, which I don't have)

Who says money doesn't buy happiness? I'm relatively happy now, but those things would increase it 5 fold.


Anonymous said...

Things I can't do because I have no money:
1. buy my diabetes medicine.
2. take my partner to the dr
3. take my dog to the vet

Wanna trade????

Micky said...

Isn't the phone the absolute priority?

Wot could you sell?

Lust For Life said...

Anon-No thanks.

Micky-I'm managing to still keep myself connected, but being disconnected wouldn't really bother me; i've been phoneless for 3 days recently and I managed to function.