Friday, 3 September 2010



JR and I miss the first train into Manchester because she's painting a rainbow on my arm and I'm painting a rainbow flower on her face.
We arrive, find a spot and see JD; the boy who has boundary issues. His friend hands me a card. It's asking me to apply to be a porn star.
'JD, where do you find these people?'

We meet up with my friend from uni and her 2 mates. I see a girl from Liverpool I used to work with. It's a gay ol' time and much fun was had.


L (ex-housemate) and I arrive at J's house at 6pm. We have 3 drinks then head into the city for around 7.30pm. We see a boy being dragged out of the Pride barriers as we arrive.
We get a drink from a bar and take it to the performance section (car park) because it's a great atmosphere. We watch Kelis' set (which was amazing, surprised me), drink and smoke lots, chat to everyone around us. I see a boy that J and I saw singing at an open mic night at a pub a few weeks earlier. We recognised him then and I thought it was because he was maybe 2 years above us in school. It seemed like he kind of knew who I was as well, I was sure my cousin knew him. So we saw him there and it got me excited. He's hella good looking, totally 'indie', very masculine, and above all that sings and plays the guitar. Hello. We couldn't really stand near to him but it was still light out so we found a spot and I positioned myself so I could see him. I found myself just staring at him, and we met eyes so many times, it seemed like he was trying to look at me too. Either he loved me or he was scared of me. I asked my cousin the day after but he had no idea who I was talking about.
We bar/club hopped until about 4am then stayed at J's house.
The next Morning L threw up and then came back into the bedroom:
'Andy, we have about 20 minutes until I throw up again, please, let's go now.'
(She's never been to J's house before and only met him once so she was kind of embarrassed.

I go home, shower etc. and go back to J's at about 5pm for a barbecue with friends and family.
J's cousin, sister, and her 2 mates who are close friends all tell me they're so glad J and A are over. I'm slightly scared for A because if they saw him he'd probably be punched. They ask me if I still feel bad for telling him and I say no. They say I shouldn't be, it was the right thing to do. They'd expect any of the other to say anything if it happened to them.
We drink all evening and it ends up being me, J, J's father, J's mother, J's uncle, and a family friend all around the dining table at around 1am just chatting and drinking. When the rest go to bed J and I stay up for awhile talking. J shows me his profile on a gay site. He says he's quite excited to finally be single, and I hijack his laptop and browse the people (by closest first, obviously). J makes a profile for me, all it is so far is a username, I haven't written anything or put a photo up.

I'm going back to Leeds this weekend to see L's new flat. I'm going with a mutual friend and the weather's been great so we're going to sit in a field and have a picnic, get pissed, then go for Sunday lunch the next day.

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