Monday, 19 July 2010

Lessons Learned

While in New York.

Don't let anyone with a leaflet or clipboard in their hands get more than 3 words out to you. Say 'No Thanks' and keep on walking. And don't make eye contact, as soon as you see one up ahead look to the ground until you know it's safe. If they get out more than 3 words directed towards you then it's getting serious. Just run. Run away.

Bicycles stop for no one.

A lot of the servers in restaurants are rude. Yeah they put a smile on their face and make chit chat. And I know they pretty much rely on tips for most of their money so need to get as many tables in and out as possible, but no server here would ever dream of clearing people's plates before other people have finished. And they expect you to pay within 2 minutes of receiving the bill. Hey lady, i've not even finished my drink yet, give me 10 minutes!

New Yorkers hit the gym hard. There's so much muscle there, it's delicious.

Don't expect taxi drivers to know the location of any famous landmark. They need an address, a driver had no idea where the Museum of Modern Art was.

Be prepared to melt while waiting for the subway.

What I really learnt though is that I belong in a big city. I enjoy the noise, the millions of strangers lives going on around me, the concrete. It felt like anything could happen at any time. It was unpredictable and slightly frightening, It was insanely diverse and fully accepting. It was totally tranquil and yet so exciting.


Branden said...

i wanna go to NYX now :D

Andy said...

Branden-Highly recommended.