Friday, 2 July 2010

Last Weekend

It's a Saturday. My time in the city of Leeds was coming to an end after 3 years. Just 3 housemates and I were left in the house and we promised to make the most of our remaining days. I shower at 9pm and then start drinking while I get ready listening to my 'club kids' playlist. We leave at 12.15am in a taxi heading to a club i've not been to in at least 6 months. It's cheap, the music's good and the crowd is mixed.

1am. One Girl Housemates has found a boy and been with him since shortly after we arrived. He's very good looking, but white. That sounds wrong. This Girl Housemate is white, she's tall, blonde, slim, very very pretty. She only finds black or biracial men attractive. She's been trying to make herself find at least some white guys fit, and it looks like she's achieved it tonight. So she's with him, i'm on the dance floor with the other 2 housemate's. Pretty drunk (£3 doubles, £1 tequila/sambuca shots), and we're just being our usual messy selves; dancing like idiots and looking out for anyone fit.

3am. The night's continued in the same way. I've spoken to blonde housemate's guy and he's really nice. The club lights come on and we head outside. We start to walk home and I notice he's chatting to some other guy. I ask blonde housemate and she says they're mates. The walk takes 20 minutes and during I notice him looking at me, smiling at me. I tell a Girl Housemate 'is he gay? I think he likes me.' 'He's bi.' 'Nice'
He's taller than me, dark hair, full lips, slight tan, not slim but not muscly. He's fit but i'm not really interested in pulling him, I haven't spoken to him once.
Now we're back at my house. We're all in the living room listening to music, smoking, drinking. 2 housemate's go to bed so it's just me, blonde housemate and the 2 guys. Blonde housemate went straight to her room with her guy as soon as we got back and came down like 45 minutes later. I've spoken to bi guy a bit, he's pretty cool. Blonde housemate's guy wants to go to the 24hour shop so I ask him to get me some tobacco and him and my housemate leave.
I'm sat on the floor, bi guy is on a sofa.
'Can we go chill in your room or something?'
'Wait for my tobacco first, then maybe.'
I put a song on, any song, and go and sit on the sofa next to him. We chat about something unimportant and twice his hand finds my thigh and twice I ignore it. A third time and I look at him with cheeky eyes. He moves in, I let him. Our lips touch and our bodies press together. Our tongues entwine and we breathe heavy. It's begun, he's got me, and now I can't stop. He teases, he pulls back and looks into my eyes smiling. I grab the back of his head and lift myself up towards him so I can taste him again.
The front door sounds. We slowly pull apart and resume our normal positions.
10 minutes later and housemate's guy is looking for a party. He finds one and him and housemate decide to go. I go to let them out, locking the door behind them. Returning to the living room and bi guy is stood up 'They gone yet?' 'Yeah'
He walks towards me and I see the intent, the passion, the longing in his eyes. His hands grasp either side of my head and he dives into my mouth. 'Come on, let's go to your room.'
I lead him up the stairs, and through the door, locking it behind us. We fall onto my bed and our bodies entangle as we kiss and feel. I take his shirt off and then mine. He takes my pants off and then his. His cock is maybe 6-7 inches long but super thick. I return to his lips and then work down his neck, his chest, his stomach. I suck him for 5 minutes with him lay on his back. He calls me a 'sexy fuck'. I detach and move myself up his body. I straddle his chest and hold the bed frame as I push myself into his mouth. My body tingles and I throw back my head. 10 minutes of ecstacy. I pull off and move back down. The thickness chokes me a little but I can't help wanting more.
We finish lay next to eachother, legs intertwined, each finishing off the other. We orgasm within 10 seconds of eachother and the energy conducts between our bodies. We clean up and fall asleep at 7am, lying naked on top of my sheets.
What a way to leave Leeds.


CouldThisBeIt said...

Seems like all the bloggers are getting laid lately! haha... I had a semi-similar experience the other night! Glad you had a good last time in Leeds!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the same way I left England...Because of this post, I miss your country.