Monday, 11 April 2011

I shouted Ian into my hotel room. It was 11am and it was the second morning of a 3 day coastal city break. He'd brought my phone charger.
So I know Ian likes me, because Rick told me on New Years day, and he's good looking and everything but he looks like J and it freaks me the fuck out. So I can't find him sexually attractive, like, i'd totally jump his bone otherwise. Because he's 30 and buff.
He got into bed. He made small talk while I drifted in and out of sleep and his hand started to stroke my back. I felt his face in my neck and his warm breath tingled. I was hungover and I wanted to be left alone but I also wanted to feel affection, and that's always better when it's not coming from yourself. I guess.

I turned onto my back and his hands ran up and down my stomach. I turned my head towards him and looked into his blue eyes. He looked relaxed, my eyes probably looked cold and dry.

He kissed me hard and we soaked into the bed. He pulled down my navy cotton Ralph Lauren pants and started to jerk me off. I closed my eyes and heard him pull down his jeans so I opened them and put my hand towards his huge dick. It was massive, i'm pretty sure it scared me but I closed my hand around it. We jerked eachother off and he cummed onto his chest. We lay there for a little until I got up and went to have a shower.
He wasn't there when I came back. I got into bed and slept until 3pm.

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