Wednesday, 8 December 2010


So I guess it's been awhile. And for that I have no real reason other than 'I lost interest'.
But I feel like writing about recent happenings.

I walked into an interview for a supervisor role in a certain fashion retailer. I wore brown leather brogues, slim fit grey chinos, a grey, white buttoned, shirt (fully buttoned), and a navy sweater. I smiled and I charmed as I got asked tedious questions about simple things and lied about my passion for life.
I got a call the next day and was offered assistant manager. I accepted.
I trained in another store for 6 days, got invited to their christmas night out (the supervisor and manager who were also training didn't), and fought back the urge to swallow my phone when I received these texts from a boy who worked at my training store.

I don't want you to leave the ------- store :(
It has been fun, but i'll call in whenever I' near.
You better had, I'll hold you to that. This week has been hard, having so many people in the store and liking one of them does not help. Yeah, it's you :) Had to say it, sorry haha.
Thanks M, was great working with you.

My tactic is to tell unwanted suitors that I have a boyfriend, but this boy knew I didn't, after saying to me on the 3rd day: 'I don't want to make you awkward or anything but no one can tell if you're gay or straight...'
So then the Christmas night out was obviously made 5 times more stressful. I dragged J with me so at least I could run away with him, which I did.

And now I'm in my brand new store with staff I can tell what to do while I look in the mirror, or text message, or file through peaper work that has nothing to do with anything. Yeah, I'm one of them bosses.
One member of staff is signed to Base models; a totally fuckable Persian with the body of a greek god and dimples I could live in. Who's also a stripper a few nights a week, although I'm not supposed to know that.

My postings temporarily moved to tumblr while I was away, and although I've not posted on there in a few days I'll probably update it much more regularly than here because it's so much easier and I don't have to put any thoughts together.


Anonymous said...

But that's a great post - full of stuff you've been doing and congrats. on the new job - and the spare gay boy.

The only problem with Tumblr is that we have to join it in order to leave you a comment.

Lust For Life said...

Micky-Thank you, and I don't actually think you can comment on Tumblr anyway, unless you reblog it on your own Tumblr. It's just for looking at, but feel free to comment about anything from my Tumblr on here :)

Anonymous said...


Er, where's the link?

(have I been wanking too much again?)

Lust For Life said...

It's hyperlinked in the last paragraph of this post :)